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Semlink - An eye on your comfort

Librafluides Concept develops innovative sensors and software solutions for better management of climate installations in buildings.

The Semlink concept, developed by Librafluides Concept, finally brings an innovative solution to better manage collective heating and cooling systems in buildings, taking into account climatic variations and free energy gains.

The Semlink solution allows for effective supervision that is accessible to all. With the ability to observe what is happening on the site and the operations of your technical equipment (drift in consumption, abnormal values, defects) you can quickly implement corrective actions to save energy.

Based on the new protocols dedicated to connected objects, the Semlink solution is very simple and quick to implement, at a lower cost than conventional solutions. On residential buildings with a collective heating system, it saves between 7 to 15% on the energy bill.

The benefits of SemLink


Easily interconnects with existing installations.
Remote configuration and management.
Wireless solution without GSM or ADSL.


High precision sensors.
Innovative, reliable and robust technology that requires very little maintenance.


The ability to add or move sensors easily.
Scalable installation through open protocols.
Free updates as soon as they become available.


Our thermal engineers bring you their expertise on all your energy issues. Our after-sales service is at your disposal to meet all of your needs.

How does SemLink work ?


One of the great benefits of the Semlink solution is its ease of installation. The sensors communicate via the LoRa or Sigfox protocols and do not require any fixed telephone subscription, GSM subscription or internet access.

The autonomous sensors (temperature, humidity, counters) are simply “deposited” at the measurement location. In technical rooms, an interface is installed by ourselves or by the operator. This interface makes it possible to recover all the operating values ​​and to communicate with the control elements in place (compatible with all installations, control systems and communication protocols).


The configuration of the system is done through the Semlink web platform accessible by internet. The operator can easily add or move a sensor. The alarms are configured in the same way (value exceeded, drift in consumption, error detection). For each alarm it is possible to define the actions which need to be carried out (by SMS or email).

The Semlink solution runs in SaaS mode and all data is hosted on our servers accessible 24 hours a day. As a result, no software installation is necessary and you benefit from each update as soon as it is available. An annual subscription gives you access to the Semlink platform.


The Semlink platform allows quick and clear access to the consumption and operation information of your site. Secure access checks where you want the temperature of your premises and the status and indicators of your facilities. Receive in real time by email or SMS an alert if a temperature threshold is exceeded, if there is a consumption drift or if there is a failure.

The Semlink platform was designed so that the information is clear and accessible for everyone to monitor the site. Several levels of access are thus possible (administrator, operator, manager) with the relevant data for each user.

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