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Co-Owners Associations

Are there problems with excessive or insufficient temperatures in your buildings? Do you have enough information about the operating status of your technical equipment? Do you need to know the consumption in your residences in real time rather than 6 to 12 months later? Do you want to keep an eye on how the heating system works?

With the Semlink solution, you have access in real time to the operating status of the installations (interior temperature, breakdowns, energy consumption). Thanks to our sensors Semdegrees, the system regulation takes into account the interior temperature of the properties bringing significant financial savings in return. This simple tool allows all the participants of the Association (Trustee, Co-Owner, Operator) to have a complete and instantaneous view of the installations thanks to a simple and intuitive tool. No training is necessary.

With a wealth of easily accessible information, living in the building becomes even more comfortable.

Boiler Room Technicians

Supervision of heating facilities is increasingly necessary in order to function effectively and respond to customer requests. Conventional systems are often difficult and time consuming to put in place and complex to use, the result of this being that often technicians do not exploit it to its full potential.

The Semlink solution allows easier, more efficient management of your boiler rooms. With the use of connected objects, installation is very simple (without the use of an ADSL modem or GSM sim card), and fully operational even in the 3rd level basement of a building. This allows a complete view on the operation of the installation including the indoor temperature. In addition, Semlink will automatically alert you by email or sms in the event of problems: temperature exceedance, pump faults, excessive consumption of energy or water, low heating oil tank levels, indoor temperature anomalies, insufficient DHW temperatures, gas detection.

Making the installation accessible to technicians, with a clear and easy to use interface, Semlink products allow you to immediately see the results of your interventions, anticipate future problems, and more effectively communicate with your customers (dedicated access).

Building Managers

Do you need simple information, which corresponds to your needs regarding the state of your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning installations? The Semlink tools give you, at a glance, supervision of the essential indicators (operating status of installations, breakdown alerts, and data on short and long-term consumption).

Configure and customise your indicators in two clicks and receive necessary alerts in real time by SMS.


Are you looking for want the peace of mind to be able to go out to work without worrying about the temperature of your cold storage facilities? Adopt Semdegree. This autonomous sensor allows you to monitor your facilities from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

A drift in temperature? An SMS is immediately sent to you so that you can intervene without delay.

Restaurant Owners

What can be worse than arriving to work in the morning with a freezer or cold room that has stopped working? Semdegrees and Semfrost are temperature sensors (respectively positive and negative) that allow you to monitor in real time the temperature of your cold rooms.

In case of a drift in temperature, you are alerted immediately so that you can take the necessary measures to save your stock.

Industrial Uses

With Semlink sensors, keep an eye on the operating status of your installations.

Easy to install and adaptable to all existing installations, Semlink tools allow you to visualise your key indicators: state of the installations, fluid temperatures, consumption.

Semlink allows you to configure the interface according to the specific needs of your teams (Maintenance Department, Technical Services, Quality-Security Service, Management etc.).