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Who are we?

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Who are we?

Heating engineers, electronics engineers, and computer scientists. We bring together our knowledge and skills to create tools to ensure a comfortable atmosphere in your buildings while saving energy.

Our Mission

To give our clients easy, fast access to the indicators that most interest them.

You will be able to optimise your installations, anticipate operating incidents, and put in place best practices to improve the comfort of your buildings and save energy.

Our Vision

The environmental crisis and the need to reduce our energy consumption are indisputable. But for us, the battle to cut down on energy waste must go hand in hand with improving comfort for all!

Operating in the present and looking to the future, we want to use 21st century technologies to the benefit of both the environment and our comfort.

Our History

We are Heating Engineers who have been confronted with the difficulty of our customers in monitoring their heating installations. With our knowledge of heating issues and an appetite for new technologies, we created Librafluides Concept to bring simple, effective, and economical solutions to our customers.

Our Vision

Each year millions of kWh are unnecessarily consumed and without any real benefits to the users. At Librafluides Concept, we work to ensure that every kWh consumed is used wisely.

A well-informed user is a user who is able to act. For this to be possible, it is essential that the user (whether resident, operator, or manager) has the information adapted to their needs and level of technical knowledge.

Our products and web interface are designed with the objective to meet our clients expectations of adaptability and ease of use.

Connected Objects

Our connected sensors use the new LoRa and Sigfox communication protocols.

These protocols allow low-speed communication between connected objects and an internet platform by using long radio waves.

These new protocols have many advantages. They allow the transmission of information without wiring, without wifi and without GSM. Long waves can cross several underground levels and reinforced concrete walls without the use of relays. Running at low-speed, the power required to transmit data is kept to a minimum.